About Us

Anaj Trade LLC deals with import and export of grains and legumes, concentrated feeds, various oils, as well as hen eggs and sugar. In the offing, it is planned to cover the full cycle of production of niche crops, including growing, processing, packaging and export to near and far-abroad countries.
As a result of fast, well-coordinated work and sensitive attitude to the quality level of products, an experienced and talented team of professionals " Anaj Trade" for a short time managed to earn the loyalty of many national and foreign companies and establish long-term, promising relations with them.


Expert knowledge

We have the knowledge and experience necessary for effective activities in the field of agricultural production trading.

Personalized experience

We take care of every our client will be satisfied with our work and received result, which is our common success!


We constantly aim for size up the consequences of our choices and to accept their belonging to ourselves.

Production quality

Choosing us, you will get exactly the production quality you need!


We tend to keep in time, within the set limits, the values of all parameters that characterize the ability to perform the required functions in the given modes and conditions of our activity.

Own production

In 2017, we brought into operation the full cycle of niche crops production, which includes growing, processing, packaging and exporting worldwide.

Currently we have already cultivated 3000 hectares of land.